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In order to build applications you need:

  • A compiler: gcc has built parisc-linux targets since version 3.x
  • A linker: GNU binutils supplies the linker, assembler and various binary utilities
  • A library: GNU glibc supplies this
  • And maybe a debugger: gdb in case you want to figure out why "it's not working?!"

These elements are called the “tool chain”. The palinux tool chain is somewhat temperamental. However, palinux builds are now self hosting (the installed system can compile and build itself)

Currently, only 32-bit userspace is well-supported. There has been some discussions to implement a 64-bit userspace (userspace64), but a lot of work still needs to be done.

While there are some documents that describe the PA-RISC runtime, there is also a lot of undocumented pieces. Some information is collected below:

Currently, we are working on supporting ThreadLocalStorage and NPTL for glibc.

There is also a MonoPorting effort underway.

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