Artist graphics registers (used in HP9000/712)

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Artist is the onboard graphics chip used in the HP9000/712. According to HP, it's mostly compatible to CRX. On the 712, it spans the I/O memory range 0xf4000000-0xf5ffffff.

Registers discovered so far:

Offset Size Description
0x380000 Word Unknown status register
0x1004a0 Word VRAM offset (starting address) for write FIFO registers
0x100800 Word Block mover source X=Bit31-16 Y=Bit15-0
0x100a04 Word Block mover size Width=Bit31-16 Height=Bit15-0
0x100600 Word Bit mode VRAM write FIFO
0x100620 Word Byte mode VRAM write FIFO
0x118010 Word foreground color used in block move operations
0x118014 Word background color used in block move operations
0x30023c Word Used in selftest code, looks like signature testing result register?
0x0118406c-0x011847ff Word Color map used by STI code - Strange offset address, maybe software configurable? One entry spans 32 bit, where Bit 23-16=R, Bit16-8=G, Bit7-0=B
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