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Baseboard Management Controller (BMC)

The C8000 has a BMC (baseboard management controller) that is active when the system is powered. When attached to the serial console, you can press ESC ( and you will be able to interact with the BMC:

CLI Commands:
  C [<passwordstring>]  - Change Password
  CON                   - Display Console selection
  FPL                   - Read Forward Progress Log
  H                     - Help (this text)
  I <ipmi command data> - Send any IPMI message
     req fmt: rsSA netfnlun chk1 rqSWID rqSeq cmd [data] chk2
     resp fmt: rqSWID netfnlun chk3 rsSa rqSeqrsLun cmd ccode [data] chk4
  INFO                  - Display BMC FW Revision
  IPMI <ipmi command data> - Send any IPMI message
     req fmt: netfnlun cmd [data]
     resp fmt: ccode [data]
  P [0,1]               - Power Control
  Q                     - Quit/Logout
  RS  [s]               - Reset System [and switch to sys console]
  SD                    - Read SDR Repository
  SE                    - Read System Event Log
  TOC [s]               - Send an INIT/TOC [and switch to sys console]

This most useful for being able to remotely reboot (RS command) and power on/off (P command) the system. Pressing ESC ) "reconnects" one to the system's serial console.

The C8000 supports IPMI, and presumably a lot of these same things can be done over the built-in e1000 LAN interface once configured.

Thanks to Matt Turner <> for above info.

In File:Lpv00338 rx2600 zx6000.pdf you can find a chapter with a broader description of the BMC.

Please note that most older parisc machines don't have a BMC, but instead a GSP, see GuardianServiceProcessor.

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