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Debian GNU/Linux 9 and 10 for the PA-RISC (hppa) architecture.

There are two unofficial releases of Debian GNU/Linux for PA-RISC machines based on the stable (Stretch) and testing (Buster) branches. The packages included in both releases have been pulled from the unstable (Sid) branch located at the Debian Ports repository. The security and bug fixes for the stable release have been built from the official Debian source repositories.

Installation media and mirrors.

Currently there are two mirrors available for these releases including installation media located in New Zealand and Germany.

The addresses for the mirrors are -

Media can be found at under the debian-cd directory. The testing (Buster) media will be updated every two months.

Installation Guide

stable testing what to install

download burn cd dvd

boot menu ipl preseed file


partman palo etc





after install

sources.list import key submit install report deb-ports

list of packages in repos

link to file on rouge-one

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