Hidden B/C/J Class Manufacturer and DEBUG commands

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According to some PDC docs, there seems to be a "mode byte" in NVM storage. Values are probably:

  • Normal mode = 0x4E
  • MFG mode = 0x4D
  • Debug mode = 0x44

After repairing my J5000 (EEPROM was corrupted due to PDC experiments), the Bootloader showed some additional Entries:

Mfg Menu: Enter command > debug

----- Debug Menu ------------------------------------------------------------

      Command                           Description
      -------                           -----------
      CLearScreen                       Clear the screen
      EepromFlag [<flag> [ON|OFF]]      Display or set EEPROM Flag values
      Graphics_INfo                     Display graphics information
      HPMC                              Generate an HPMC
      IODC <addr> ... <arg7>            Execute IODC procedure
      MODel                             Display model string
      Path_INfo [<path>]                Display mnemonic path information
      PCI_info                          Display PCI information
      PDCE [Narrow] <arg0>...<arg7>     Execute PDC procedure
      SideLoad [DIsplay]                Copy firmware from Sabre to Flash Rom
      SPeed                             Measure various speeds
      Sys_Info_Map                      Display SYS_INFO_MAP
      TOC                               Soft boot the system

      BOot [PRI|ALT|<path>]             Boot from specified path
      DIsplay                           Redisplay the current menu
      HElp [<menu>|<command>]           Display help for menu or command
      RESET                             Restart the system
      MAin                              Return to Main menu
Debug Menu: Enter command >
Debug Menu: Enter command > mfg

----- Manufacturing Menu ----------------------------------------------------

      Command                           Description
      -------                           -----------
      DefaultAll                        Set all Stable Store to defined values
      DimmRead [<slot>]                 Read serial EEPROM on DIMM/s
      EepromRead [<addr> [<len>]]       Read EEPROM locations
      EepromWrite <addr> <data> ...     Write EEPROM locations
      FAn [Domain1|Domain2              Display/change fan speed settings
          <lo> <md> <hi>]
      LanAddress [<addr>]               Display or set system LAN address
      LIcense [ON|OFF]                  Display or set diagnostic licensing
      MemRead <addr> [<len>] [<type>]   Read memory locations
      MemWrite <addr> <data> ...        Write memory locations
      MfgConsole [<path>]               Display or modify default console path
      MoDe [MFG|DeBug|NOrmal]           Display or change system mode
      OVerride [ON|OFF]                 Override fan failure power down
      ScRoll [ON|OFF]                   Display or change scrolling ability
      SerialNum [<serial number>]       Read or write serial number
      STable [AR|UN] <addr> ...         Read or write Stable Storage locations
      VErsion                           Display PDC internal version number

      BOot [PRI|ALT|<path>]             Boot from specified path
      DIsplay                           Redisplay the current menu
      HElp [<menu>|<command>]           Display help for menu or command
      RESET                             Restart the system
      MAin                              Return to Main menu
Mfg Menu: Enter command >
Debug Menu: Enter command > eepromflag
     0  Use eeprom LDB checks         OFF
     1  Use EEPROM test control       OFF
     2  Update EEPROM fwd progress    OFF
     3  Allow HPMC PIM overwrite      OFF
     5  No cycle codes in halt CPU    OFF
     7  Disable BCH scroll control    OFF
     9  DISABLE_AIO_BIT               OFF
    10  Don't do a PDC ROM checksum   OFF
    11  Enable Serial1 remote power   OFF
    12  DISABLE_CCP_CHASSIS           OFF
    13  DISABLE_CCP_BIT               OFF
    15  Skip full calc of MEM_10MSEC  OFF
    16  Secure mode                   OFF
    17  Honor auto flags in MFG mode  OFF
    18  Skip graphics init            OFF
    19  Memory init only              OFF
    20  Skip late self tests          OFF
    21  Skip early self tests         OFF
    22  Disable all FP units          OFF
    23  Loop on early selftests       OFF
    24  Loop on late selftests        OFF
    25  No auto boot if uncleared PIM OFF
    26  Error handler invokes LDB     OFF
    27  Error handler dumps state     OFF
    28  DISABLE_XHOST_MSG             OFF
    29  Enable proc call trace        OFF
    30  Always emit chassis codes     OFF
    31  Init mem system from ROM tableOFF
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