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linux-parisc [[spinics archive], [gmane archive]]

This mailing list exists to serve PA-RISC developers and developement communities closely tied to them. This primarily (but not exclusively) means linux kernel, gcc, binutils, and glibc work.

To subscribe, please mail [] with the message content subscribe linux-parisc.


  • Post user space questions to [debian-hppa] mailing list.
  • Use reportbug to file problem reports for specific applications.
  • Before posting a kernel problem report or question:
# Review 	this list of things to check for the answer.
# Read 	[How-To Ask Smart Questions]
# Read 	How to report a parisc-linux kernel problem
# If you want to guess what the problem is, please include a patch.
  • Really. Read the above stuff at least once. It tells you what we need to know to help and how to communicate that information.
  • parisc-linux is an open list. While the list has a spamfilter, we apologize some spam does get through anyway because this list is open.
    Here is the most basic etiquette for open lists:
* NEVER CC: or cross post to a closed mailing list.
* NEVER answer in private to a mailing-list message.
* NEVER ask if you can ask a question.     		(Just ask it once you've done your homework.)

Search the old "" mailing lists (before the switch to "") parisc-linux-cvs [[[archive]]]

Note to Microsoft Exchange users: Please setup your email client so it does not send automatic "Out-of-Office" replies to list mail. Instructions for how to do this with Microsoft Outlook are [available here]

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