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The mailing list exists to serve PA-RISC developers and developement communities closely tied to them. This primarily (but not exclusively) means linux kernel, gcc, binutils, and glibc work.

Archives for linux-parisc are available at:

To subscribe, please mail with the message content subscribe linux-parisc.


  1. Post user space questions to debian-hppa mailing list.
  2. Use reportbug to file problem reports for specific applications.
  3. Before posting a kernel problem report or question:
    1. Review this list of things to check for the answer.
    2. Read How-To Ask Smart Questions
    3. Read How to report a parisc-linux kernel problem
    4. If you want to guess what the problem is, please include a patch.

Really. Read the above stuff at least once. It tells you what we need to know to help and how to communicate that information.

Search the old "" mailing lists (before the switch to "") parisc-linux-cvs [[[archive]]]

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