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* - Gentoo HPPA Handbook
* - Gentoo HPPA Handbook
* - The OpenPA Project
* - The OpenPA Project
* - HP Computer Museum
* - OSF Mach-Linux
* - OSF Mach-Linux
* - UnixNerds/HPUX
* - UnixNerds/HPUX

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Introduction to Linux on PA-RISC

The PA-RISC project provides a native port of Linux to the PA-RISC architecture. The port was merged into linux-2.6 and linux-3.x mainstream Linux kernel tree. PA-RISC Linux Project History tells how the project got started and the first steps. Contact the Mailing lists if you want to volunteer your time.

See the Hall of Fame for a list of folks who brought you the initial 0.9x and Debian 3.0 releases. That includes boot loader, kernel, documentation, user space programs, packaging, testing, debugging, and pulling everything together into an ISO.

Linux distributions with support for PA-RISC Linux

PA-RISC Linux is currently supported by various Linux distributions, whith Gentoo Linux and Debian being the ones which currently provide the best support for the PA-RISC architecture.

Gentoo Linux
PA-RISC is a fully supported architecture of Gentoo Linux.
Many thanks to the smart people of the Gentoo Linux HPPA Development team for providing Gentoo Linux installation ISOs available for download!
If you wish to install Gentoo Linux for PA-RISC, we suggest that your read the Handbook on how to install Gentoo Linux for PA-RISC.
Debian Linux
The PA-RISC Linux development community is proud to have been officially part of the Debian 3.1 (sarge), 4.0 (etch) and 5.0 (lenny) releases.
As of Debian 6.0 (squeeze) PA-RISC Linux was dropped in July 2011 as officially supported platform which is why the PA-RISC Linux development currently happens as Debian-unofficial architecture in the Debian Ports project. A new Debian 8 (jessie) install image has been released for PA-RISC, which is available at the debian-ports download site and his Wiki contains a description on how to install Debian Linux.

Before downloading any ISOs for Gentoo, Debian or any other Linux distribution, first check the PARISC FAQ and Hardware support for issues specific to your hardware.


How to install PARISC Linux



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