Running HP-UX 9.0 on virtual HP9000/370 with MAME

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Installation instructions for HP-UX 9 on hp9k360 (needs mame newer than 2018/10/23):

get the install images:

create a harddisk image file with: ./chdman createhd -f -o hpuxtest.chd -s $[512*1048576]

where 512 is the size in Megabyte, and can be adjusted to your needs.

./mame64 hp9k360 -sl2 -hard hpux9.chd -cdrom hpux9_install.iso

This will boot the installer:

Hpux9 install1.png

Press <Enter> to continue:

Hpux9 install2.png

Installer searching for disks: Hpux9 install3.png

It found our disk image: Hpux9 install4.png

Say 'y' to have long file names: Hpux9 install5.png

Press '1' to continue: Hpux9 install6.png

Accept the default swap setting by pressing enter: Hpux install7.png

And, once again, press 'y' to continue: File:Hpux9 install8.png

Installer starts creating the filesystem: Hpux9 install9.png

Installer extracting the minimum HP-UX system: File:Hpux9 install11.png

The installer is now asking for the update CDROM: Hpux9 install12.png

Enter the Menu, and select 'hpux_9.1.update.iso': Hpux9 install13.png

After that is done, the installer shows the main menu, press enter to select all filesets: Hpux9 install15.png

Press Enter once again to confirm that you to install these filesets: Hpux9 install16.png

And, 'y' to really install: Hpux9 install17.png

And this is the final install screen. After it finishes install, it will reboot into HP-UX from hard disk. Hpux9 install18.png

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