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** parisc: switch from 'pci_' to 'dma_' API
** parisc: switch from 'pci_' to 'dma_' API
** parisc/parport_gsc: switch from 'pci_' to 'dma_' API
** parisc/parport_gsc: switch from 'pci_' to 'dma_' API
** parisc: Increase size of gcc stack frame check
** [ parisc: Increase size of gcc stack frame check]
** parisc: math-emu: Fix fall-through warnings
** [ parisc: math-emu: Fix fall-through warnings]
** parisc: Replace symbolic permissions with octal permissions
** parisc: Replace symbolic permissions with octal permissions
** parisc: math-emu: Avoid "fmt" macro collision
** parisc: math-emu: Avoid "fmt" macro collision
** parisc: remove unused arch/parisc/boot/ and its phony target
** [ parisc: remove unused arch/parisc/boot/ and its phony target]
** parisc: move core-y in arch/parisc/Makefile to arch/parisc/Kbuild
** [ parisc: move core-y in arch/parisc/Makefile to arch/parisc/Kbuild]
** parisc: Fix compile failure when building 64-bit kernel natively
** [ parisc: Fix compile failure when building 64-bit kernel natively]
** parisc: Rename PMD_ORDER to PMD_TABLE_ORDER
** [ parisc: Rename PMD_ORDER to PMD_TABLE_ORDER]
** parisc: fix crash with signals and alloca
** [ '''parisc: fix crash with signals and alloca'''] (backported to all)
** parisc: ccio-dma.c: Added tab instead of spaces
** parisc: ccio-dma.c: Added tab instead of spaces
** parisc: Make struct parisc_driver::remove() return void
** parisc: Make struct parisc_driver::remove() return void
** parisc: Drop __arch_swab16(), arch_swab24(), _arch_swab32() and __arch_swab64() functions
** '''parisc: Fix unaligned-access crash in bootloader''' (backported to v5.14)
== Debian kernel and userspace programs ==
== Debian kernel and userspace programs ==

Revision as of 08:56, 3 September 2021


PA-RISC Linux TODO (actually this is Helge's TODO list)

Status & TODO 2021-08-30

  • Kernel: still missing Linux kernel development (no patches available yet):
    • maybe implement transparent huge pages (due to cache coherency technically only possible on PA8500-PA8700 CPUs, not possible on PA8800-PA8900 CPUs)
    • optimize flush_dcache_page() implementation like sparc. See Documentation/cachetlb.txt, e.g. used in aio subsystem
    • NO_IRQ -> should be converted to (0) instead of (-1) -> Helge (check assembly, check in drivers/parisc/*)
    • check assembly in drivers/parisc/*
    • use pdc_add_valid() in kern_addr_valid(), protect against crashable acesses (like for superio-pc-drivers-detection in lp), add pdc_add_valid() to create a probe_kernel_read() implementation.
    • arch/parisc/kernel/sys_parisc.c -> use SYSCALL_ALIAS() -> maybe
  • Kernel: Low priority patches needs further work
    • disable FP-register save/restore at kernel entry? -
    • enable 16k/64k kernel page sizes (still cacheflushing-issues with SCSI driver, additional work in glibc needed to deal with >4k page size, e.g. ld-loader alignments of data/code segments)
    • Superdome support - can someone test? Should work better now with latest kernels (maybe ask Dennis Clarke <>, Jan 2019).
    • Visualize FX support (will probably never happen!)
    • implement BUG() and WARN() with inline assembly so that interrupt happens in delay branch of "or,<> %r0,cond,%r0". Probably not possible, because gcc will report "control reaches end of non-void function" warnings/errors.
  • 64-bit userspace support (from Dave Anglin, Nick Hudson):
    • 64-bit userspace, Binutils 64-bit binutils needs to be fixed to get multiple stub section support.
    • glibc port (hppa64 can use the generic thread code)
    • 64-bit support in gcc is probably pretty good as 64-bit HP-UX works fine.
    • gdb could be a problem due to a lack of a maintainer.
  • Debian packages / Userspace work
    • IMPORTANT: fix OpenJDK - fixes required in zeroport (stack grows up!).
    • gcc -> join 32- and 64bit compiler, make "-m64" work, get rid of hppa64-linux-gnu-gcc
  • userspace
  • palo (PA-RISC Boot Loader):
    • Fix palo deb package to build iplboot natively (
    • Palo needs better user interaction instead of "0", "1".... Howtos.
    • Modify (if possible), that palo can read (sequential) tftpbootable-vmlinuxes as well as the current boot-vmlinux images (simplifies build/handling)

Upstream PA-RISC-related kernel patch history

Debian kernel and userspace programs

Debian kernel / Generic Kernel bugs fixed

    • DONE: Fixed 64bit SMP kernel & sticon on machines with more than 4GB RAM (Kernel 3.12)
    • DONE: Lots of syscall fixes regarding compat kernel
    • DONE: send patches to remove UP from debian kernels, use sil680 instead of siimage, see -> fixed in 3.12 / 3.13
    • DONE: Enable BMC in c8000 default kernel config - ipmi driver (CONFIG_IPMI_HANDLER=y) -
    • DONE: remove HIL RTC from debian kernel - it creates a backtrace at boot because we have already another rtc0 active.
    • DONE: add ppdev driver, needed by CUPS, systemd reports missing module load (3.17 & 3.16 kernel)
    • DONE: Add crc-modules, event, isofs, jfs, mouse, sata, sound, squashfs, udf, uinput, scsi-common, scsi-extra, loop, serial and usb-serial debian-installer packages
    • DONE: Kernel build problem: a) disable -mfast-indirect-calls in Makefile, b) gcc compiler bug in > gcc-4.8.3-3
    • DONE: Drop HPUX-support from kernel (Kernel 4.0)
    • DONE: implemented HUGE pages
    • DONE: kernel timerfd_settime/timerfd_gettime issue, test with debian package: liblinux-fd-perl ->, backported to all kernels
    • DONE: kernel ptrace bug:, possible fix:
    • DONE: Implement CONFIG_DEBUG_STACK_USAGE, in kernel 4.6
    • DONE: Use 32bit exception table entries, in kernel 4.6
    • DONE: implemented seccomp syscal, including SECCOMP_MODE_STRICT and mode 2
    • DONE: Fixed FTRACE support (
    • DONE: Add syscall ftrace support
    • DONE: Simplify get_user()/put_user() with regard to %sr0/%sr2 usage.
    • DONE: Add tracehook support (needed for seccomp testcases, gdb, ...)
    • DONE: Added high-resolution sched_clock clocksources in 4.7, needed for debian packages: ismrmrd, haskell-http-conduit, ...
    • DONE: Detect physically broken memory via Page Deallocation Table (PDT), initial support in kernel 4.13
    • DONE: Make kernel self-decompressing (instead of palo reading gzipped kernels)
    • DONE: fix %pF and %pS usage in all kernel code
    • DONE: Enabled BMC/IPMI including Remote power on/off on C8000 and rp3410 machines (kernel 4.17 and above)
    • DONE: use CONFIG_COMPAT_BINFMT_ELF and get rid of arch/parisc/kernel/binfmt_elf32.c
    • DONE: Fix kernel writing core file, gdb reporting: BFD: Warning: /tmp/core.http.1655.ls3011.1465554447 is truncated: expected core file size >= 2187264, found: 2121728.
    • DONE: Find way to extract vmlinux out of vmlinuz (Kernel 4.19)
    • DONE: Implement alternative coding for UP & SMP, one debian kernel for UP and SMP, optimizations to avoid cache flushes on cache-less systems and other qemu-related speed-ups to avoid unnecessary syncronization (Kernel 4.20)
    • DONE: IRQ Balancing was broken,
    • DONE: Added kgdb and kprobes in kernel 5.2, by Sven Schnelle
    • DONE: report on C8000 one socket with 2 cores
    • DONE: Check Kernel boot code if RAM of machine is big enough (e.g. is booting on 710 machine with 60MB possible?) -
    • DONE: convert to SPARSEMEM, instead of DISCONTIGMEM
    • DONE: (NOT POSSIBLE:) Enable huge pages on kernel text for C8000 as well - not possible, will crash due to required equivalent aliasing of caches.
    • DONE: Enable __ro_after_init
    • DONE: add dynamic ftrace support - provided by Sven in kernel 5.3
    • DONE: Fix fallouts from strace:,
    • DONE: implement kexec syscall
    • DONE: Analyze futex hang (CPU soft lockup) situation with test-lock testcase in the libprelude debian package - fixed by parisc: Add atomic64_set_release() define to avoid CPU soft lockups


  • DONE: Add kernel fw_cfg support (drivers/firmware/qemu_fw_cfg.c)

ABI breakages (e.g. dropped HP-UX support)

Considerations between Debian unstable and Debian Jessie release

Jessie was not stable on SMP machines, particularly those with PA8800/PA8900 processors. It's recommended to use kernel 4.4.15 or later. The current default gcc for unstable is gcc 5.4. Most hppa fixes have been back ported to 4.9 but not all. It shouldn't hurt to use binutils from unstable. Debian glibc 2.23 is best. Most old packages should still work although there maybe inequivalent aliasing issues which are relevant on PA8800. There's also a nasty issue with gmon_start being in every shared library in Jessie. This caused a few headaches and potentially breaks applications when it's removed from a library. If you stick with the glibc in Jessie, multithreaded applications may not work as well as they could, but maybe that's not important. The kernel update is the most important one. Since hppa moved to ports, there has been a huge number of bug fixes. System stability is dramatically improved and I believe more packages are available than ever before. It's better to run unstable and just be selective about running "apt-get upgrade". (by Dave Anglin) Homepage and Debian build server infrastructure work

Linus Torvalds barking at parisc

Testsuites, kernel and userspace testing tools

TODO Drivers

  • write Lasi floppy driver
  • write Suckyio floppy driver
  • write spifi driver (rbrad)
  • modify ncr53c8xx driver for Outfield (735 & 755)
  • write GSC FDDI driver
  • write Timi ASIC (74x) support
  • EISA DMA support

Review all the todo entries below!

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