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Debian Buildservers

Since December 2013 we have debian unstable buildservers.
Current build status is here:
Contacts for the debian HPPA buildds
Helge Deller <>, PA-RISC Kernel maintainer, buildd maintainer
John David Anglin <>, HPPA GCC, and binutils maintainer
Jessica Clarke provides easy-to-use scripts to set up a buildd server
old repo:
How to use debian schroot
List of debian porterboxes:
How buildds get the lists
ssh -l wb-buildd -S -o BatchMode=yes -MN
How to upload a new debian package for debian developers
Set up sbuild:
Build the package on amd64 with sbuild and argument "--source-only-changes", or use "dpkg-buildpackage --build=source"
Upload the source.changes file.
How to create backport:
Wait until package is in testing (unstable isn't sufficient)
run "dch --bpo" on this package to get backports changelog
Build package with sbuild --debbuildopts="-vVERSION". VERSION is current version of package in stable.
Then upload to ftp-master independen of distribution, and stretch-backports-sloppy see:
How to upload a debian package to debian unreleased
Build with "dpkg-buildpackage -F -sa", or "sbuild --source --force-orig-source".
Check that the changes file: "Distribution: unreleased" & includes the sources, that is the .dsc and the .debian.tar.xz and also includes the orig tarball
Sign it with your private GPG key (key should be known from mini-dak) and upload it to the debian-ports archive.
Is using the magic +string or ~string necessary?
You do not necessarily need to use it as there is no hppa specific change there, but you need to use a version that is higher than the one currently in the archive.

Some other info:

Missing GPG key

  • when getting this error:
 The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY B523E5F3FC4E5F2C NO_PUBKEY 8D69674688B6CB36
 run: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys <PUBKEY>

Build chroot requirements

  • openfoam requires up to 40GB disc space
  • I'm running the buildd chroot in a ramdisc. In /etc/fstab I have:
 tmpfs /srv/buildd/unpack tmpfs size=40G 0 2

Tips to manually build debian Linux kernel

  • by adding "debug-info: false" to the [build] section in debian/config/hppa/defines avoids building the debug info

Autosign packages via cron:

  • @hourly buildd find upload -name *changes -type f -cmin -60 -cmin +20 -exec debsign -k 43374411AA94178C84FE52A8489F10615531D26E --re-sign '{}' \;
  • nohup nice -n 10 sbuild --apt-update --no-apt-upgrade --no-apt-distupgrade --batch --stats-dir=/home/buildd/stats --dist=sid --sbuild-mode=buildd --keyid=<key> --build-dep-resolver=apt --arch=hppa --chroot=sid-hppa-sbuild --make-binNMU="Rebuild against ..." --binNMU=2 > ../build.log 2>&1 &
  • If it's a binNMU, add --make-binNMU and --binNMU options to command

Prevent regeneration of mandb

  • /var/lib/man-db/auto-update (touch it or remove it)

Prevent cronjob errors on buildds from apt-cacher-ng

  • The cron job of apt-cacher-ng randomly reports errors:
    • Fix is to increase the value of NetworkTimeout in /etc/apt-cacher-ng/acng.conf

How to manually build debian packages

Prevent mandb run
echo 'man-db man-db/auto-update boolean false' |sudo debconf-set-selections
How to get a specific version of a source package
apt-get source packagename=version
How to build a package (without modifying source)
dpkg-buildpackage --force-sign -B -sa -m<email>
e.g.: dpkg-buildpackage --force-sign -sa -mHelge\ Deller\ \<\> -kB51E3864 -j5
or in a chroot environment:
DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nocheck sbuild -s -mHelge\ Deller\ \<\> --dist=unstable --no-arch-all --no-source -j5
building kernel, ignore kernel module dups (from kernel-wedge)
touch debinan/installer/ignore-dups or set env variable: KW_CHECK_NONFATAL=1
How to build a package (*with* modified source)
dch --distribution unstable --bin-nmu Rebuild b1
dpkg-buildpackage --force-sign -B -sa -m<email>
How to modify debian changelog
dch --distribution unstable --bin-nmu Rebuild b1
dch-git --since <commit_nr>
How to sign packages (with debsign)
debsign -k <key> packagename.changes
How to sign packages (without debsign)
Create Debian chroot
apt-get install debian-ports-archive-keyring
/usr/sbin/sbuild-createchroot --keyring=/usr/share/keyrings/debian-ports-archive-keyring.gpg --include=debian-ports-archive-keyring,eatmydata unstable build/chroot-unstable
On the physical server (outside of chroot) for building experimental
adduser --force-badname --system -home /var/empty --no-create-home --quiet _apt
chmod 666 /dev/ptmx # if permissions aren't that yet
In each chroot to be fixed
Remove the link in the /usr/hppa64-linux-gnu directory to /usr/include:
ls -lad /home/build*/build*/chroot-*/usr/hppa64*/include
In each chroot, /etc/hosts has to look like this (e.g. needed for mod-gnutls package)       localhost sibaris localhost.localdomain
::1             localhost ip6-localhost ip6-loopback
ff02::1         ip6-allnodes
ff02::2         ip6-allrouters
In each chroot modify (for unstable) /etc/apt/sources.list
deb [arch=all] buildd-unstable main
deb [arch=all] unstable main
deb unstable main
deb unstable main
# deb experimental main
# main/debian-installer
deb-src unstable main
deb-src buildd-unstable main
For building debian packages in the chroots, store the following script as /usr/bin/fix-buildd into the chroots,
and modify the chroot definitions in /etc/schroot/chroot.d/ to include this line
# Various fixes for the debian builds
# everything in a function to avoid environment pollution
runprog() {
  local cmd
  # 1. vtk6 builds fail if DOT_NUM_THREADS is not set to 1 (machine gets unresponsive)
  # 2. enable parallel building of packages
  # execute the command
  exec "$cmd" "$@"
runprog "$@"
wanna-build interface
How to create multiple buildds on one server
Create new user "buildd2", use new UID, but keep GID "buildd" (without "2"). Use new homedir, e.g. /home/buildd2
Add user buildd2 to groups sbuild and buildd in /etc/group
Copy original homedir from buildd to /home/buildd2 (you won't need existing Logs and upload-debs)
Change ownership of /home/buildd2: "chmod -R buildd2.buildd /home/buildd2"
Create a new chroot with /usr/sbin/sbuild-createchroot (name e.g. "unstable2"). Update the generated /etc/schroot/chroot.d/XXX file. Usually I have my chroots then under /home/buildd2/build-trees/chroots/
In ~buildd2 create new .sbuildrc und .builddrc files, and change wanna_build_db_user => "buildd_hppa-phantom2" and sbuild_chroot => "unstable2-hppa-sbuild"
Log in as buildd2 and manually run "buildd" to check if everything works.
If everything worked add the buildd-cronjobs for buildd2 in /etc/cron.d/buildd (copy existing entries and change copied entries to use "buildd2" instead of "buildd"
How to setup a dd porterbox.
How to import a new porterbox apt key
Problem is like this:
Err:7 debian-all Release.gpg
The following signatures were invalid: EXPKEYSIG 661EBB0E456D79AB archive key 2014
Solution: Download key from
then import it with "apt-key import"
How to create a palo iplboot image from official Debian install CD
palo --init-tape=lifimage -k vmlinux-3.13-1-parisc.gz -k vmlinux-3.13-1-parisc64-smp.gz -r initrd.gz --commandline='0/vmlinux initrd=0/ramdisk panic_timeout=60 panic=-1 debian-installer/allow_unauthenticated=true mirror/http/ mirror/http/directory=/debian'
How to build haskell/uuagc
cd <uuagc source directory>
ghc --make Setup.hs -o setup -package Cabal
./setup configure
./setup build
./setup install

How to cross-compile debian kernel on x86 for hppa

  1. git clone git:// linux-5.10.y --depth 1
  2. copy .config from debian into kernel directory
How to cross-build debian kernel from sources from on Fedora
for 32bit:
DPKG_FLAGS="-d -nc" make -C ../linux O=`pwd` -j 20 ARCH=parisc bindeb-pkg
for 64bit:
DPKG_FLAGS="-d -nc" make -C ../linux O=`pwd` -j 20 ARCH=parisc64 bindeb-pkg
or for older kernels
v5.10: DPKG_FLAGS="-d -nc" make -C ../linux O=`pwd` -j 8 ARCH=parisc bindeb-pkg
v5.16: make -j 30 ARCH=parisc64 CROSS_COMPILE=hppa64-linux-gnu- bindeb-pkg
v4.19: DPKG_FLAGS="-d -nc" make -C ../linux O=`pwd` -j 8 ARCH=parisc CROSS_COMPILE=hppa64-linux-gnu- bindeb-pkg (when building on fedora maybe need to remove the "bc kmod.." dependencies in scripts/package/mkdebian)

If you choose to build debian source package kernel, you may need to

  • symlink in /usr/bin: ln -s hppa64-linux-gnu-gcc-10 hppa64-linux-gnu-gcc
  • disable ABI checks in debian/bin/, and
  • drop *perf* package from: debian/control

Large file support for debian packages

  • STATUS: Migration has started in March 2024.
  • HINTS:
  • Possible to disable -Werror=implicit-function-declaration via DEB_BUILD_MAINT_OPTIONS=qa=-bug-implicit-func

Typical error message: Value too large for defined data type

Debian RELEASE GOAL: (tar missing time64 support)

See debian BZ (glibc readdir() failure):
New BZ:

See musl time64 transition:

Debian bug (gdnsd depends on libev, both needs LFS support enabled): Specification:

See Gentoo's "On time64 and Large File Support"

See Joseph Myers' comments on "[PATCH] Deprecate 32-bit off_t support":

Good summary:

Examples of failing programs: - tar:

If 32-bit applications use the "struct dirent" or "readdir()" glibc functions, e.g. like this:

struct dirent *dp;
while ( nullptr != (dp = readdir(dir)) )

then they need to be recompiled with this flags set:


TODO: Maybe add too:



# manually add "future=+lfs" to DEB_BUILD_MAINT_OPTIONS, e.g.:
-export DEB_BUILD_MAINT_OPTIONS = hardening=+all
+export DEB_BUILD_MAINT_OPTIONS = hardening=+all future=+lfs
# cmake doesn't respect CPPFLAGS, use the workaround as suggested in

How to detect if an executable still uses non-large-file-accesses:

LD_DEBUG="symbols,files" LD_BIND_NOW=1 /usr/bin/sed
check output for readdir  (instead of readdir64)

Alternative solution:

export DEB_BUILD_MAINT_OPTIONS = future=+lfs
export DEB_CFLAGS_MAINT_APPEND = -Wall -Wno-analyzer-null-argument
ifneq ($(shell dpkg-architecture -qDEB_TARGET_ARCH_BITS),64)
include /usr/share/dpkg/ 


CFLAGS := $(shell dpkg-buildflags --get CFLAGS) $$(getconf LFS_CFLAGS)
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