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Nearly all of the documents listed here are copyrighted by HP and made available in the hope they would be useful to all PA-RISC developers and users. Please respect this copyright by not redistributing these documents or use the materials verbatim without written HP (or the respective copyright holder) consent.

HP 9000 Chipset Documentation


2500k April 17, 2003 zx1 Memory and I/O controllers ERS (Edited) aka "Pluto"

File:Zx1-ioa-mercury ers.pdf

633k April 18, 2003 zx1 Mercury ERS (Edited)

File:Astro intro.pdf

39k Feb 17, 2000 Astro Overview (IOMMU/Mem Controller)

File:Astro errors.pdf

1522k Feb 17, 2000 Astro Error Handling

File:Astro ioc.pdf

2393k Feb 17, 2000 Astro R2I Operation/Registers

File:Astro regmap.pdf

338k Feb 17, 2000 Astro Register Map

File:Astro runway.pdf

2038k Feb 17, 2000 Astro Runway Interface

File:Astro sysmap.pdf

128k Feb 17, 2000 Memory Map of an Astro based system

File:Elroy ers.pdf

4707k Feb 17, 2000 Elroy PCI Controller ERS (Edited)
(eg in A500/C3000)

File:Dino ers.pdf, File:Dino 3 1 Errata.pdf

5794k, 7k June 3, 1999 DINO PCI bus controller
(eg in A180/B180/C360)

File:PCXL ers.pdf

401k, 462k July 20, 1999 PA-RISC 1.1 7100 PCXL CPU ERS

File:Pcxl2 ers.pdf

716k, 4127k July 20, 1999 PA RISC 1.1 7300 PCXL2 CPU ERS

File:Lasi ers.pdf

4344k June 3, 1999 LASI Core IO Device ERS
(eg in 712/715/725/A180/B180/C360)

File:Hardball ers.pdf

4235k November 2001 Hardball ERS - 735/755 (Outfield, Cutoff, etc.)


381k Aug 1996 National Semiconductor PC87415 Dual Channel IDE controller Data Sheet. (integrated in PC87560UBD SuckyIO "Legacy IO Controller")

File:WAX ERS V1.0 Redacted.pdf

12MB October 2007 WAX ERS - GSC to EISA adapter

23MB All documents above (and more) in a ZIP file

PA-RISC 1.1 Architecture Specifications

File:Pa11 acd.pdf

1.4M Feb 1994

PA-RISC 1.1 Architecture and Instruction Set Reference Manual

File:Ver nums.pdf

90k March 1999 PA-RISC 1.1 I/O Firmware Architecture Reference Specification:
Version and Identification Number Allocation.


280k March 1999 PA-RISC 1.1 Firmware Architecture Reference Specification:
Processor Dependent Code (PDC) Procedures.


298k March 1999 PA-RISC 1.1 I/O Firmware Architecture Reference Specification: IODC (chapter 3)


1.1M 1997 PA-RISC 32-bit Runtime Environment (SOM Binaries). Covers PA 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0.


409k April 15, 2000 Standard Text Interface (STI)

7MB All documents above (and more) in a ZIP file

PA-RISC 2.0 Architecture Specifications


2.3M 1995 PA-RISC 2.0 Instruction Set Architecture


127k 1997 64-Bit Runtime Architecture for PA-RISC 2.0


138k Sep 16,1997 UNWIND PA64 Functional Specification.

File:Rad 11 0 32.pdf

575k 1997 HPUX 11.0 32-bit Runtime Environment. Only covers PA2.0.


32k March 1999 PA-RISC 2.0 Firmware Architecture Reference:
Memory Data Formats.


312k June 1998 HP Assembler Reference Manual


196k July 2004 PA-RISC 2.0 Firmware Architecture Reference Specification:
Processor Dependent Code (PDC) Entry Points. (Chapter 3) (older File:Pdc20-v1.0-Ch3-entry.pdf) (older File:Pdc20-v0.36-Ch1-entry.pdf)


356k July 2004 PA-RISC 2.0 Firmware Architecture Reference Specification:
Processor Dependent Code (PDC) Procedures (Chapter 4) (older v1.0 File:Pdc20-v1.0-Ch4-procs.pdf) (older v0.36 File:Pdc20-v0.36-Ch2-procs.pdf)


304k July 2004 PA-RISC 2.0 Firmware Architecture Reference Specification: IODC (Chapter 5)

File:Pdc20-v1.1-Ch6-os interface.pdf

48k July 2004 PA-RISC 2.0 Firmware Architecture Reference Specification:
Operating System Interface (Chapter 6)


172k August 1998 Processor-Specific ELF Supplement for PA-RISC

HP 9000 User/Owner Guides


9259k May 9, 1999 HP-UX Workstation HCL (Hardware Compatibility List):
This explains the features of released hardware.


1115k May 9, 1999 HP-UX Workstation HCL (Hardware Compatibility List):
This explains the features of previously released hardware. This provides supplemental materials to 980723.pdf (above).

File:712 service-handbook.pdf

4637k July 11, 2003 HP 9000/712 Service Handbook

File:712 technical manual.pdf

3825k July 11, 2003 HP 9000/712 Technical Manual

File:715 service-handbook.pdf

5225K August, 1995 HP 9000/715 Service Handbook 4th Ed.

File:720-730 owners-guide.pdf

1830k July 11, 2003 HP 9000/720 and 730 Owner's Guide

File:735 service.pdf

7408k July 11, 2003 Overview of A180 features:
HP 9000/735 Service Handbook

File:750 owners-guide.pdf

2150k July 11, 2003 HP 9000/750 Owner's Guide


64k May 9, 1999 Overview of A180[C] features:
This provides the first docs on the A180 internals.


935k July 11, 2003 A180[C] User Manual


1549k July 11, 2003 B-Class (B1xxL) Owner's Guide


1029k July 11, 2003 B-Class (B1xxL) Service Manual

File:C100 110-owners.pdf

1716k July 11, 2003 C100/C110 Owner's Guide

File:C160 thru c360-owners.pdf

1495k July 11, 2003 C160/C180/C200/C240/C360 Owner's Guide

File:C160l owners.pdf

1760k July 11, 2003 C160L Owner's Guide


1715k July 11, 2003 C-Class (Cxxx[L]) Service Manual

File:E-class hpjournal.pdf

104k July 11, 2003 E-Class (Ex5) HP Journal Article

File:J280 owners.pdf

6442k July 11, 2003 J280 Owner's Guide

File:Users Manual HP 9000 Model A-180.pdf

5.6M February 2000 User's Manual - HP 9000 Model A-180

File:Emr na-c01865801-1.pdf

7.8M 2000 rp24xx Hardware Manual

File:HP C8000 Manual.pdf

2.7M July 2004 User's Manual - HP C8000 Workstation - Technical Reference Guide

File:GSP User Guide.pdf

0.8M 2009 Service Processor (GSP or MP) User Guide

File:Lpv00338 rx2600 zx6000.pdf

14.7M April 2003 User's Manual - HP rx2600 and zx6000 - includes info about BMC in c8000 workstation

PA-RISC Papers and Presentations


189KB April, 2000 PA-RISC 8x00 Family of Microprocessors with Focus on PA-8700:
Summary of PA-RISC architecture and implementations up to PA-8600 and features of the PA 8700 implementation.

File:PA PerfGuide vs2.pdf

162KB October 8, 1997 Enabling Optimizations to Achieve Higher Performance on the HP PA-RISC Architecture. Discusses how to measure CPU perf, what impacts it, and HP compiler options.

File:Pa7300lc config.pdf

11KB June, 1997 Configurability of the PA 7300LC. One page summary of config options for PA7300LC system designers.

File:Four way superscalar.pdf

195KB August, 1997 Four-Way Superscalar PA-RISC Processors:
HP PA 8000 and PA 8200 PA-RISC CPU features. First published in HP Journal, August 1997.

File:Pa7300lc design.pdf

118KB June, 1997 High-Performance Processor Design Guided by System Costs. 10 pages.

File:Pa7300lc on chip.pdf

49KB June, 1997 The PA 7300LC Microprocessor: A Highly Integrated System on a Chip. 5 Pages.


91KB Feb, 1999 PA8500: A 500 MHz 64 bit RISC CPU with 1.5Mbyte on chip Cache

File:Isscc cache talk.pdf

144KB 1997? PA8500: A 500MHz 1.5 MByte Cache with On-Chip CPU. Jonathan Lachman and J. Michael Hill.

File:Isscc cache talk 2.pdf

119KB 2000 PA8700: A 900MHz 2.25MByte Cache with On Chip CPU. Jonathan Lachman and J. Michael Hill.

File:Mako mpf 2001.pdf

1409KB October, 2001 HP's PA-8800 Processor:
Slideset from the 2001 Microprocessor Forum.


66KB 1996 64-bit and Multimedia Extensions in the PA-RISC 2.0 Architecture. Ruby Lee and Jerry Huck. 10 pages.

File:Pa7200 design.pdf

171KB February, 1996 Design of the HP PA 7200 CPU. Kenneth K Chan, et al. 11 pages.

File:Pa8000-compiler opt.pdf

47KB 1997? Compiler Optimizations for the PA-8000. Anne M. Holler. 11 pages.

Undocumented chips

Artist graphics registers (used in HP9000/712)


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