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== Undocumented chips ==
[[Artist graphics registers (used in HP9000/712)]]

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Nearly all of the documents listed here are copyrighted by HP and made available in the hope they would be useful to all PA-RISC developers and users. Please respect this copyright by not redistributing these documents or use the materials verbatim without written HP (or the respective copyright holder) consent.

[edit] HP 9000 Chipset Documentation


2500k April 17, 2003 zx1 Memory and I/O controllers ERS (Edited) aka "Pluto"

File:Zx1-ioa-mercury ers.pdf

633k April 18, 2003 zx1 Mercury ERS (Edited)

File:Astro intro.pdf

39k Feb 17, 2000 Astro Overview (IOMMU/Mem Controller)

File:Astro errors.pdf

1522k Feb 17, 2000 Astro Error Handling

File:Astro ioc.pdf

2393k Feb 17, 2000 Astro R2I Operation/Registers

File:Astro regmap.pdf

338k Feb 17, 2000 Astro Register Map

File:Astro runway.pdf

2038k Feb 17, 2000 Astro Runway Interface

File:Astro sysmap.pdf

128k Feb 17, 2000 Memory Map of an Astro based system

File:Elroy ers.pdf

4707k Feb 17, 2000 Elroy PCI Controller ERS (Edited)
(eg in A500/C3000)

File:Dino ers.pdf, File:Dino 3 1 Errata.pdf

5794k, 7k June 3, 1999 DINO PCI bus controller
(eg in A180/B180/C360)

File:PCXL ers.pdf

401k, 462k July 20, 1999 PA-RISC 1.1 7100 PCXL CPU ERS

File:Pcxl2 ers.pdf

716k, 4127k July 20, 1999 PA RISC 1.1 7300 PCXL2 CPU ERS

File:Lasi ers.pdf

4344k June 3, 1999 LASI Core IO Device ERS
(eg in 712/715/725/A180/B180/C360)

File:Hardball ers.pdf

4235k November 2001 Hardball ERS - 735/755 (Outfield, Cutoff, etc.)


381k Aug 1996 National Semiconductor PC87415 Dual Channel IDE controller Data Sheet. (integrated in PC87560UBD SuckyIO "Legacy IO Controller")

File:WAX ERS V1.0 Redacted.pdf

12MB October 2007 WAX ERS - GSC to EISA adapter

23MB All documents above (and more) in a ZIP file

[edit] PA-RISC 1.1 Architecture Specifications

File:Pa11 acd.pdf

1.4M Feb 1994

PA-RISC 1.1 Architecture and Instruction Set Reference Manual

File:Ver nums.pdf

90k March 1999 PA-RISC 1.1 I/O Firmware Architecture Reference Specification:
Version and Identification Number Allocation.


280k March 1999 PA-RISC 1.1 Firmware Architecture Reference Specification:
Processor Dependent Code (PDC) Procedures.


298k March 1999 PA-RISC 1.1 I/O Firmware Architecture Reference Specification: IODC (chapter 3)


1.1M 1997 PA-RISC 32-bit Runtime Environment (SOM Binaries). Covers PA 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0.


409k April 15, 2000 Standard Text Interface (STI)

7MB All documents above (and more) in a ZIP file

[edit] PA-RISC 2.0 Architecture Specifications


2.3M 1995 PA-RISC 2.0 Instruction Set Architecture


127k 1997 64-Bit Runtime Architecture for PA-RISC 2.0


138k Sep 16,1997 UNWIND PA64 Functional Specification.

File:Rad 11 0 32.pdf

575k 1997 HPUX 11.0 32-bit Runtime Environment. Only covers PA2.0.


32k March 1999 PA-RISC 2.0 Firmware Architecture Reference:
Memory Data Formats.


312k June 1998 HP Assembler Reference Manual


196k July 2004 PA-RISC 2.0 Firmware Architecture Reference Specification:
Processor Dependent Code (PDC) Entry Points. (Chapter 3) (older File:Pdc20-v1.0-Ch3-entry.pdf) (older File:Pdc20-v0.36-Ch1-entry.pdf)


356k July 2004 PA-RISC 2.0 Firmware Architecture Reference Specification:
Processor Dependent Code (PDC) Procedures (Chapter 4) (older v1.0 File:Pdc20-v1.0-Ch4-procs.pdf) (older v0.36 File:Pdc20-v0.36-Ch2-procs.pdf)


304k July 2004 PA-RISC 2.0 Firmware Architecture Reference Specification: IODC (Chapter 5)

File:Pdc20-v1.1-Ch6-os interface.pdf

48k July 2004 PA-RISC 2.0 Firmware Architecture Reference Specification:
Operating System Interface (Chapter 6)


172k August 1998 Processor-Specific ELF Supplement for PA-RISC

[edit] HP 9000 User/Owner Guides


9259k May 9, 1999 HP-UX Workstation HCL (Hardware Compatibility List):
This explains the features of released hardware.


1115k May 9, 1999 HP-UX Workstation HCL (Hardware Compatibility List):
This explains the features of previously released hardware. This provides supplemental materials to 980723.pdf (above).

File:712 service-handbook.pdf

4637k July 11, 2003 HP 9000/712 Service Handbook

File:712 technical manual.pdf

3825k July 11, 2003 HP 9000/712 Technical Manual

File:715 service-handbook.pdf

5225K August, 1995 HP 9000/715 Service Handbook 4th Ed.

File:720-730 owners-guide.pdf

1830k July 11, 2003 HP 9000/720 and 730 Owner's Guide

File:735 service.pdf

7408k July 11, 2003 Overview of A180 features:
HP 9000/735 Service Handbook

File:750 owners-guide.pdf

2150k July 11, 2003 HP 9000/750 Owner's Guide


64k May 9, 1999 Overview of A180[C] features:
This provides the first docs on the A180 internals.


935k July 11, 2003 A180[C] User Manual


1549k July 11, 2003 B-Class (B1xxL) Owner's Guide


1029k July 11, 2003 B-Class (B1xxL) Service Manual

File:C100 110-owners.pdf

1716k July 11, 2003 C100/C110 Owner's Guide

File:C160 thru c360-owners.pdf

1495k July 11, 2003 C160/C180/C200/C240/C360 Owner's Guide

File:C160l owners.pdf

1760k July 11, 2003 C160L Owner's Guide


1715k July 11, 2003 C-Class (Cxxx[L]) Service Manual

File:E-class hpjournal.pdf

104k July 11, 2003 E-Class (Ex5) HP Journal Article

File:J280 owners.pdf

6442k July 11, 2003 J280 Owner's Guide

File:Users Manual HP 9000 Model A-180.pdf

5.6M February 2000 User's Manual - HP 9000 Model A-180

File:Emr na-c01865801-1.pdf

7.8M 2000 rp24xx Hardware Manual

File:HP C8000 Manual.pdf

2.7M July 2004 User's Manual - HP C8000 Workstation - Technical Reference Guide

File:GSP User Guide.pdf

0.8M 2009 Service Processor (GSP or MP) User Guide

File:Lpv00338 rx2600 zx6000.pdf

14.7M April 2003 User's Manual - HP rx2600 and zx6000 - includes info about BMC in c8000 workstation

[edit] PA-RISC Papers and Presentations


189KB April, 2000 PA-RISC 8x00 Family of Microprocessors with Focus on PA-8700:
Summary of PA-RISC architecture and implementations up to PA-8600 and features of the PA 8700 implementation.

File:PA PerfGuide vs2.pdf

162KB October 8, 1997 Enabling Optimizations to Achieve Higher Performance on the HP PA-RISC Architecture. Discusses how to measure CPU perf, what impacts it, and HP compiler options.

File:Pa7300lc config.pdf

11KB June, 1997 Configurability of the PA 7300LC. One page summary of config options for PA7300LC system designers.

File:Four way superscalar.pdf

195KB August, 1997 Four-Way Superscalar PA-RISC Processors:
HP PA 8000 and PA 8200 PA-RISC CPU features. First published in HP Journal, August 1997.

File:Pa7300lc design.pdf

118KB June, 1997 High-Performance Processor Design Guided by System Costs. 10 pages.

File:Pa7300lc on chip.pdf

49KB June, 1997 The PA 7300LC Microprocessor: A Highly Integrated System on a Chip. 5 Pages.


91KB Feb, 1999 PA8500: A 500 MHz 64 bit RISC CPU with 1.5Mbyte on chip Cache

File:Isscc cache talk.pdf

144KB 1997? PA8500: A 500MHz 1.5 MByte Cache with On-Chip CPU. Jonathan Lachman and J. Michael Hill.

File:Isscc cache talk 2.pdf

119KB 2000 PA8700: A 900MHz 2.25MByte Cache with On Chip CPU. Jonathan Lachman and J. Michael Hill.

File:Mako mpf 2001.pdf

1409KB October, 2001 HP's PA-8800 Processor:
Slideset from the 2001 Microprocessor Forum.


66KB 1996 64-bit and Multimedia Extensions in the PA-RISC 2.0 Architecture. Ruby Lee and Jerry Huck. 10 pages.

File:Pa7200 design.pdf

171KB February, 1996 Design of the HP PA 7200 CPU. Kenneth K Chan, et al. 11 pages.

File:Pa8000-compiler opt.pdf

47KB 1997? Compiler Optimizations for the PA-8000. Anne M. Holler. 11 pages.

[edit] Undocumented chips

Artist graphics registers (used in HP9000/712)


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