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PA-RISC Linux Wiki


This Wiki is meant to be a knowledge base for the PA-RISC Linux port. Its contents are mostly directed to developers, but people wanting to learn more about the PA-RISC Linux kernel and the PA-RISC architecture secrets might find useful data here.


 * - The official PA-RISC/Linux website
 * - The PA/Linux ESIEE Team
 * - The Hardware Database of PA-RISC systems
 * - Debian HPPA port page
 * - Gentoo HPPA Handbook


On this parisc-linux wiki, you can find a collection of information about this port:

 * Introduction: introduction and history of the PA-RISC Linux project
 * LinuxKernel: information about the PA-RISC Linux kernel.
 * ToolChain: information about the compiler, the C library, the debugger...
 * Distributions: PA-RISC Linux distributions and their issues
 * UserHelp: help with installing or using PA-RISC Linux
 * Documentation: documentation about the architecture, Linux implementation and other interesting bits
 * People: folks who work on the project
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