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  • Glossary: glossary of terms used in this wiki, or commonly used on PA-RISC Linux
  • Technical Documentation harvested from the website
  • You can also find hints about various part of the LinuxKernel, the ToolChain, and the BootingSystem (PDC + PALO)
  • The KnownIssues : list of known issues of the PA-RISC Linux kernel, such as outstanding bugs, broken drivers, missing hardware support or yet unimplemented features found in other ports of the Linux kernel
  • Some debugging help stuff: RegistersDump and its meaning
  • Anyone hacking code on PA-RISC must take a look at the ProcessorLimitations and their consequences
  • DocumentationWishList: wishlist for docs from HP
  • Finally there's the TODO list!
  • KGDB How to use kgdb/kdb on PA-RISC

Developments in Progress

Interwiki Links

  • WikiPedia has a nice article about PA-RISC
  • Check also the article about the GSC bus
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